Parenting the easy way

Because each step of a new life is small yet valuable, we didn’t want to lose any of the precious time with our babies. But without organisation or help, it can be difficult and tiring.

We want  to help parents to enjoy the most with theirs. From our experience, we imagine, design and upgrade products to make it easier for the parents all over the world. A time you save is a time you can enjoy with your little one.

We accompany all families from the very first moments, and through the most difficult , to make these moments become unique.

All Dadoodi members are parents and very committed. We never compromise on the quality and safety of our products and test it with our kids first.


Dadoodi Quality

We want the BEST for our little ones, so we never compromise with QUALITY. Each product batch is verified by an INDEPENDENT organism to CONTROL that all our production is SAFE for the baby. Our safety team has to ensure that NO RISK is taken, and we put very HIGH STANDARDS for our product lines.

Dadoodi Family

We are a FAMILY where the bigger is not the most important. With our NEVER-ENDING PASSION, we take inspiration in our little ones everyday to propose INNOVATIVE, RELEVANT and CLEVER solutions to make kids a CAREFREE and HAPPY LIFE. Because people are more VALUABLE than things, we develop tools to save more time for our family.

Dadoodi Fun

We have a dedicated team searching for what kids will ENJOY the most. Having FUN is the best way to start a life full of JOY. We place it at the START of each product development. A kid’s life is full of INNOCENCE and HAPPINESS. We create opportunities for every child’s POTENTIAL and WELL-BEING. We want to preserve them to raise them into the RESPONSIBLE grown-ups of TOMORROW.

Dadoodi Care

Because we think there is more to a baby life than work, we never use them in our advertising. We want to see our kids GROW carefree and preserve their INNOCENCE as much as possible.


What ingredients should you avoid in baby products?
Most Common Chemicals to avoid are: Talc / Bleach / Synthetic Fragrances / Parabens / Phthalates / Flame Retardants / Formaldehyde / Sulfates
What is BPA?

BPA (bisphenol A).
This chemical found in many plastic products (including plastic toys and some sippy cups) can cause harmful developmental effects and various diseases in infants

Where can I buy your products?
You can buy them on Amazon
Are your products safe ?

It is important for us to limit babies’ exposure to chemicals linked to adverse health effects, that’s why we only work with safe materials